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Residential Care Homes For Sale Dorset

Axis is a specialist business broker with a variety of residential care homes for sale in Dorset as well as in other parts of the South, South East and South West of England. For buyers seeking to acquire residential care homes for sale, Dorset is a perfect county to consider and Axis can assist you every step of the way.

Buying residential care homes for sale Dorset is a sound business proposition, as demand for these services remains high and consistent with an ever-aging population and life expectancies continuing to steadily rise for the UK population.
Dorset lies in the South West of England and its population is quite widely spread over this rural area. It is known for its tourist trade as it has great coastal areas, a sunny climate and stunning scenery and all these factors also makes it a popular location for retirement and retirement homes. This means the requirement for private healthcare services such as residential care homes is strong in Dorset.

This article will outline the points of client demand and reasons to buy residential care homes for sale Dorset. We will also look at possible popular locations for residential care homes for sale Dorset and the surrounding area.

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Client Demand for Residential Care Homes for Sale Dorset

Client demand for residential care homes for sale Dorset is high and the need for top quality services isn’t set to decrease in the foreseeable future. This follows the general UK trend, with demographic changes resulting in an ongoing and growing demand for residential care, especially in certain sectors of the community.

Residential care homes for sale in Dorset typically provide care for several people, ranging from as small a number as five to over one hundred residents. A care home usually consists of a single building or a complex of buildings on the same site.  What a residential care home can do is specialise in a particular area of healthcare for example elderly and retired people who maybe only need quite a low level of care to those who need round the clock assistance such as people suffering with dementia, mental illness or the mentally or physically disabled.
The three primary types of residential care homes for sale Dorset would be nursing homes, retirement homes and residential care homes for those with specific needs such as learning disabilities, dementia and mental health.

Nursing homes generally provide long term care for those who are unable to live alone due to ongoing medical needs, and will employ qualified nursing staff. To help the NHS meet their ever increasing demands, independent nursing homes are now thriving in certain areas of the UK, such as Dorset, where the population is predominantly older than the national average. 

Retirement Homes are more suited to those who no longer wish to live independently in their own home because maybe cleaning, cooking and general day to day tasks are too much for them, but they do not need constant medical care and attention.

Care homes catering for specific needs is a more niche market and requires dedicated and highly qualified staff to deal with the rigors of caring for people with more severe medical or mental health issues. This need can be country wide as these issues can affect people of any age. However diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s tend to affect more elderly patients who may have moved to Dorset for retirement and have subsequently become ill.

Buyer Demand for Residential Care Homes for Sale Dorset

The buyer demand for residential care homes for sale Dorset is strong, which is in line with the demand throughout the UK. However the South West of the country has a particularly high demand for residential care homes, as it is such a popular area for people to retire to.

When you are considering buying residential care homes for sale Dorset there are a number of factors to consider.

Buyers will typically have to take over the upkeep and maintenance of the premises, as well as being responsible for the freehold, leasehold or rent of the property. It is wise to look for a company with a minimum of 2 stars or good rating by the Care Quality Commission.

A care home which has a mixture of NHS funded and private work is also an attractive and sensible business option, as private work is exempt from any new government legislation, which may affect funding.

It may be possible for a buyer to purchase a residential care home for sale Dorset without any previous care home experience, provided a registered manager and qualified team already work there and are willing to stay on in their roles, and if the care home has fully managed status .

However, in general those looking to buy a residential care home for sale Dorset will already be in the industry and maybe even have specific care knowledge for certain groups such as geriatric nursing or dealing with patients with psychiatric problems. You will also have marketing skills on how to attract residents, be able to deal with local councils and authorities and understand all the necessary CQC requirements.

Specialist residential care homes, for example those dealing in care for people with learning disabilities, autism, hospices or palliative care are very much called for and as a niche business in the healthcare industry these make a good option.

Popular Locations for Residential Care Homes for Sale Dorset

The majority of the population of Dorset resides along the coastline. This makes the seaside towns of Weymouth, Swanage, Bournemouth, Poole, Ware, Lyme Regis and Portland all ideal places for residential care homes in Dorset. The county has a population of just over 700,000 people but 62% of this figure lives in what is known as the South East Dorset Conurbation, which comprises Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. The next largest area of habitation is Weymouth. With most of the people living by the sea, the county’s main industry has changed in recent times from farming to leisure and tourism and around 18 million holiday makers and day trippers visit Dorset every year.

The rest of the county is largely rural, with over half designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Dorset’s Jurassic coast, featuring Lulworth Cove and Chesil Beach, is a World Heritage site.

Dorset only has a few major towns such as the pretty county town of Dorchester. Dorset enjoys warm weather in summer, with a low rainfall and mild winters and this is one of the reasons it has become a haven for elderly and retired people.  This can be seen in the average age population figures for Dorset, which has a very high percentage of residents over retirement age at just under 27% which is much higher than the UK average of 19%.

Residential Care Homes For Sale Dorset - click here to view our current healthcare businesses for sale

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