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Nursing Agencies, Residential Care Homes and Domiciliary Care Companies For Sale Wiltshire

Axis is a specialist business broker with nursing agencies for sale in Wiltshire and throughout South West England. We also specialise in the sale of Wiltshire residential care homes and domiciliary care companies - and can assist you throughout the entire process whether you want to buy or sell a healthcare business. In the following article we will outline the various kinds of healthcare companies for sale in Wiltshire, the level of demand for their services and how Axis can assist you in the purchase of any of these businesses.

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Nursing Agencies for Sale Wiltshire

Nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire will specialise in supplying qualified nursing staff to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and for provision of nursing care in patients homes. Nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire can provide nurses on a temporary contract to help patients at home or to cover maternity, holidays or sickness in clinics and hospitals. They can also help healthcare providers to find staff on a permanent basis, as demand requires.
There are several factors that create demand for nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire. Although primarily rural, there are some densely populated areas in Wiltshire such as Swindon and the county town of Salisbury. Both these towns have NHS and private hospitals and nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire can help provide these hospitals with a bank of staff who can be called in at short notice.
Another factor is Wiltshire’s close proximity to London and the M4 corridor. This means that nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire have the potential to serve both Wiltshire and London clients. Wiltshire is surrounded by the counties of Somerset, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Hampshire, which may also need additional support in their nursing needs. With this prime location nursing agencies for sale Wiltshire can be a very attractive prospect for prospective buyers.

Wiltshire also has a plethora of smaller towns where nursing agencies provide essential care for people residing in these places and the outlying areas. Many of these towns, such as Trowbridge, Devizes, Chippenham and Melksham are desirable retirement locations with a need for nursing services and all have NHS hospitals that also need nursing staff.

Residential Care Homes for Sale Wiltshire

There are many types of residential care homes for sale Wiltshire providing care for a variety of patients. As well as catering for the elderly, there are other specialist residential care homes catering for conditions such as learning disabilities, dementia, physical disability and mental health. As well as very specialist residential care homes for sale Wiltshire there are also general care homes that can cater for a variety of clients.

While many residential care homes for sale Wiltshire will be concentrated in areas of high population such as Salisbury, Swindon and Trowbridge, there are a variety of other locations on offer. Wiltshire has a population of around 450,000 and is mostly made up of market towns, small villages and rural areas. Almost half the population live in towns with less than 5000 residents and many villages and outlying areas only have around 1000 people in them. Therefore residential care homes for sale Wiltshire that can service a collection of towns, villages and rural surrounding areas is an excellent idea to reach as many potential clients as possible.

For example Malmesbury, to the north of the county, has a care home which deals with dementia, mental health, learning disabilities and healthcare issues with elderly patients and young adults. Devizes, which is in the centre of Wiltshire and has two residential care homes, would be an ideal base to service the surrounding rural area for healthcare needs.

There are two main types of residential care homes for sale Wiltshire and it is important to understand the difference before buying.

Residential care homes have individual rooms for clients and some communal areas, such as bathrooms, lounges and the dining room. This type of care home looks after people who can no longer manage at home alone and will provide support with washing, dressing and most day to day tasks.

Nursing care homes need qualified nurses as the care they provide is more intense for those who are almost totally dependent on others to look after them 24 hours a day. As well as the daily living requirements of personal hygiene, feeding and dressing these patients also need more medical attention and, in some cases, round the clock monitoring.

Some care homes specialise in one particular area while others offer a mix of the two types of care so it is important to establish what this mix is before making a purchase. It is also vital to ascertain what proportion of clients in any residential care homes for sale Wiltshire are private versus local authority funded. The ratio should be at least 20% privately funded clients as they offer a regular source of income and are not subject to any cuts in local government funding.

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Domiciliary Care Companies for Sale Wiltshire

Domiciliary care companies for sale Wiltshire provide home care to those who need some extra assistance with certain daily tasks, such as washing or dressing. The domiciliary care companies for sale Wiltshire directly employ carers and achieve their business through the private sector, social services or Primary Care Trusts.
Some domiciliary care companies for sale Wiltshire also provide nursing care. In smaller towns and rural areas this type of healthcare company is ideal to cover an overlap in patients needs. A patient who requires a nurse at home after recovering from an operation may then, when they feel much better, still need help with some general domestic duties. Such an agency can be very effective in responding to patients needs as they alter and provides a very good all round service.

Wiltshire is considered an affluent county so the need for domiciliary care companies for sale Wiltshire is high as many people can afford to have personal care and continue to live in their own homes. This form of domiciliary care is popular with local councils too as it is a more cost effective solution than providing expensive 24 hour residential care.

For domiciliary care companies for sale, Wiltshire is an ideal county as it has a high proportion of elderly people in the community. Census reports have projected a population increase for Wiltshire, over the next two decades, which will be almost entirely made up of those over retirement age coming to live in the county. Wiltshire Council have identified that they have “a significant ageing population problem”. For pensioners wishing to continue to live alone there is an enormous need for domiciliary care companies for sale Wiltshire, as this will relieve the pressure on public sector resources to provide this care in the future.

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How to Find Healthcare Companies for Sale Wiltshire

Axis can offer you many benefits when you are looking to buy any kind of healthcare business in Wiltshire or indeed in the South West, South East or the South of England. Our retained buyer service gives you access to our 15 years of experience in the buying and selling of many types of companies including healthcare companies.

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