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Nursing Agencies Hampshire

Axis are specialist business brokers with nursing agencies for sale Hampshire and throughout the South and Home Counties. The healthcare sector is performing strongly throughout the UK, especially in the more populated South where demand in highest. So for buyers looking for a nursing agency for sale, Hampshire is an especially popular location right now.

Here we take a look at the different types of nursing agency for sale in Hampshire, the general demand for nursing agency services within the county, and some of the more popular locations for nursing agencies for sale in Hampshire.

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Why Buy Nursing Agencies for Sale Hampshire
Apart from the general strength of the healthcare market, making all types of health-related companies attractive to investors, a nursing agency for sale in Hampshire is especially attractive to buyers for a number of reasons.

Its proximity to London makes Hampshire a very popular retirement location, either for people who have commuted to London during their working lives and now wish to stay in this particularly attractive county, or for Londoners looking for a more relaxed environment.

Hampshire is home to some of the UK’s most sought after coastal locations including Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington, offering warmth and sunshine to elderly residents. Further inland, Hampshire has many attractive towns such as Andover, Winchester, Whitchurch and Petersfield, while nearer London there is the major population centre of Basingstoke. The Isle of Wight is also part of Hampshire and is a highly desirable holiday and retirement location.

All this adds up to a county which is generally highly populated (it has an overall population of around 1.6million) and has a high proportion of elderly residents, which creates a natural demand for healthcare services of all kinds including domiciliary care and private nursing agencies.

One of the key sources of demand for nursing agencies for sale in Hampshire, are hospitals requiring temporary and permanent staff recruitment. There are several major hospitals in the Hampshire area including all the major towns mentioned above. Southampton alone is home to eight NHS hospitals and treatment centres. But rural and remote populations, for instance the Isle of Wight, need particular help from nursing agencies to provide sufficient nursing staff for the local population.

Types of Nursing Agency for Sale Hampshire
A nursing agency for sale in Hampshire could provide different types of service. Some specialise only in permanent recruitment (e.g. finding permanent placements for NHS or private hospitals), while others specialise in providing temporary nursing cover (e.g. holiday or maternity leave). Others again will specialise in providing domiciliary care requiring medically qualified nurses. While many will specialise in one of these services, others may provide a mix, perhaps because they have clients who need both at different times (e.g. the NHS) or because they prefer to maintained a diversified portfolio, or perhaps simply for historical reasons.

For instance, a client requiring home-based medical care may improve their health to such an extent that they no longer need medical care but would still benefit from more general domiciliary care to help with washing, cooking, dressing and so forth. It can make business sense for a nursing agency to offer a complete care solution by including non-medical care workers onto their books, rather than turn away business to another company.

A potential buyer of nursing agencies for sale in Hampshire will need to look at the mix of clients and type of service provided to ensure the correct portfolio for their needs.

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Popular Locations for Nursing Agencies for Sale Hampshire
It will be no surprise to find a concentration of nursing agencies in the larger cities such as Southampton, Portsmouth and Basingstoke. This reflects the larger population served and the number of hospitals in these cities. However, there are also plenty of nursing agencies based in the smaller Hampshire towns such as Fareham, Winchester, Fleet, Eastleigh, Aldershot, Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere and Havant.

Even very small towns such as Waterlooville, Portchester, New Milton and Romsey can be home to a nursing agency for sale. In these places, the size of the immediate local population is no barrier to generating business as they lie close to major routes to the bigger cities or to London, such as the M3, M27, A3, A31, A34 etc. For instance, the small town of Alton has a population of just 17,000. But it is on a direct line to London’s Waterloo, as well as lying just off the A31, a short drive to the M3. Several nursing agencies have made Alton their base or established branches there.

However, there are few parts of Hampshire which are very far from the beaten track, and it is possible to find nursing agencies throughout the county, regardless of road or rail connections. For instance, the Isle of Wight is home to several nursing agencies, typically based in the larger towns on the island such as Newport and Ryde. However, the demographics of the island (i.e. popular retirement location) mean that even small towns such as Sandown (less than 6000 residents), Shanklin (population 8000) and Ventnor (6000) are home to nursing agencies, although these typically offer domiciliary care.

In short, Hampshire has a high concentration of nursing agencies of all kinds, catering for a large population with rising demand for services.

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